How to Participate in Fair Use Week

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2023 will take place from Monday, February 20, through Friday, February 24. It celebrates the important doctrines of fair use in the United States and fair dealing in Canada and other jurisdictions.


Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week Toolkit

Here are some resources to help you celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week on your campus:

How can I participate in Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week?

  • Celebrate 10 years of Fair Use Week! Attend this year’s Fair Use Week Conference at Harvard University (details to come)
  • Host a local event! Share how your community can access and build on your library’s special collections, or demonstrate your institution’s focus on music, film, dance, etc. through a live panel or virtual webinar.
    • See the “calendar” page for more examples
  • Draft a blog post! Do you have a unique perspective on recent fair use jurisprudence? Share your opinion and insights in a blog post!