Walking Through Fair Use: Information Session and Workshop

Yale Library

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2021—a celebration coordinated by the Association of Research Libraries—will take place February 22–26, 2021. Fair Use is an exemption in U.S. Copyright law available to users of copyrighted content. Fair Use relies on a four-factor analysis to allow users to reuse content without permission from the rights holders. Please join me on February 23, 2021 at 3pm for an information session and workshop on Fair Use. During the program, you will learn about fair use and how to work through a fair use analysis. One lucky attendee will receive a full set of Fair Use coasters created by the American Library Association.

What: Walking Through Fair Use
When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 3:00–4:20 p.m.

Sandra Aya Enimil
Yale Library

Can I Use This? Copyright and Fair Use in Practice

Northwestern University Libraries

Copyright is a growing concern among researchers, who may have questions like “When can I use someone else’s copyrighted work?” or “What rights do I have in my own research?” This workshop will cover basic copyright principles, as well as taking a deeper dive into how exceptions to the law like fair use apply in an academic setting. Expect small group discussions of real-life fair use case studies – participants are also encouraged to bring examples of texts, images, and other copyrighted materials they would like to incorporate into their work for the group to discuss.

This workshop is led by Liz Hamilton, Copyright Librarian at Northwestern University Libraries.

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Liz Hamilton
Northwestern University

Fair Use Week Workshops

University of Arkansas Libraries

Join Lora Lennertz, data services librarian, for two virtual workshops in observation of Fair Use Week Feb. 22–26. These events are free and open to the public, and registration is required (links below).

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Fair Use: Using Copyrighted Materials in Research and Teaching

NYU Libraries

Join the Scholarly Communications & Information Policy Department for a workshop celebrating Fair Use Week 2021! This workshop is open to faculty, staff, and students who want to know more about how to think through fair use when using copyrighted materials in teaching and research. We will go over a basic primer on what copyright is, then focus on fair use, an important exception to copyright that allows use of copyright-protected materials without permission under certain circumstances. We will also discuss how to apply fair use to some hypothetical scenarios.

This session will be led by Anastasia Chiu, Scholarly Communications Librarian

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