UK Launch of Fair Dealing week

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week is an annual celebration originating in the US and Canada and designed to highlight and promote the opportunities presented by fair use and fair dealing.

While fair dealing is employed on a daily basis by students, academics, librarians, journalists, and all users of copyright-protected material, Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week is a time to promote and discuss the opportunities presented, celebrate successful stories and explain the doctrine.

Jane Secker and Chris Morrison, co-founders of will chair the launch event hosted by IALS for the UK’s first co-ordinated Fair Dealing Week. They will be joined by Kyle K. Courtney—lawyer, librarian, Copyright Advisor at Harvard University and originator of Fair Use week in the US in 2014—to set the scene and provide an overview of the legal provisions.

We will then hear from leading intellectual property scholars Professor Tanya Aplin and Dr. Emily Hudson from King’s College London who will share initial findings from their research into quotation norms in the publishing industry.

The speakers will then take part in a panel discussion which will identify the challenges and opportunities in taking advantage of fair dealing and fair use in different areas of creative activity.

The launch event will present the basic principles of the concept of Fair Dealing in the UK and will highlight some of the events happening elsewhere as part of the first UK Fair Dealing Week. It will focus on best practice and will introduce the participants to the shared resources on fair dealing, including new guidance as part of the IALS Library LibGuides.

Chris Morrison, Jane Secker, Kyle Courtney, Tanya Aplin, Emily Hudson
Institute of Advanced of Legal Studies