Understanding Copyright: From Basics to Fair Use

Cornell’s Copyright Information Center will celebrate Fair Use Week with two back-to-back sessions focused on copyright and fair use. These courses are designed for staff, faculty, and students who create, reuse, remix and advise patrons on how to use copyrighted materials in research, coursework, course design and more.

While you may attend either, the “basics” session will be extremely helpful in understanding the content of the “fair use” session.

Copyright Basics
9:00am – 10:15am
Why is copyright so confusing? How does it work? What is in the public domain? What is “Creative Commons?” When starting research, writing or course design, having an eye on the rights status of the materials that you use, create and remix is crucial to long term success. This workshop will introduce participants to the structure of U.S. copyright law, including a breakdown of what exclusive rights copyright owners enjoy over their works.

Copyright & Fair Use
10:30am – 12:00pm
Fair use is a legal exemption to the exclusive rights of copyright holders. So how do you know if what you plan counts as “fair?” What resources are available to help faculty and students navigate fair use assessment? Join us for this dive into the subtle and difficult terrain of fair use assessment. The workshop will teach participants the concept of copyright limitations, and provide an in-depth look at the fair use limitation on copyright. Participants will gain a deeper knowledge about fair use’s four factors and how to apply them to their own writing and scholarship.

Face-to-face participation preferred, but feel free to join us via Zoom!

Amy Dygert
Cornell University