Understanding Fair Use Through Case Law

ACRL is excited to offer a free webcast celebrating Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week. Join us on Tuesday, February 25, at 1:00pm CT, for “Understanding Fair Use Through Case Law,” presented by Sandra Aya Enimil, Assistant Professor and Copyright Services Librarian, and Maria Scheid, Copyright Services Coordinator, both at The Ohio State University.

Academic and research libraries often cite fair use for the activities that we engage in to make content available to stakeholders. Depending on your perspective, fair use is a right or a defense outlined in United States Copyright Law. What most can agree on is that in the United States, we rely on case law to help us understand fair use and to implement strategies for sharing content based on that understanding. This webinar will give a back-to-basics overview of fair use and utilize case law to illustrate each factor of a fair use analysis.

Kara Malenfant
Association of College & Research Libraries