Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019: Day 4 Roundup

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Check out all the great posts from Day 4 of Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019! Don’t see yours? Contact us to get yours added! You can view previous roundups here.


Connecting to Collections Care Online Community,When Copyright and Cultural Collections Converge” (includes webinar recording, slides and handouts)

Wayne College,Webinar: Copyright and Fair Use

Bonus video: This video has been around, but Professor Jack Lerner reminded me of it for Fair Use Week.Everything is a Remix

Blog Posts/News:

Amber Reichert on University of Virginia Libraries News,Fair Use: Essential for audio and video analysis in the classroom and beyond”

Authors Alliance,Fair Use Resource Roundup

Center for Media and Social Impact,Plungers, Remix and Fair Use

David Free on ACRL Insider,CopyTalk: Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music Inc. with Kenneth D. Crews

IFLA,Where Fair Use and Fair Dealing is Being Fought For

Krista L. Cox on Copyright at Harvard,Celebrating Fair Use in Films” cross-posted to ARL Policy Notes

Krista L. Cox on Above the Law,Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens . . . And a Few of my Favorite Fair Use Things We Enjoy Every Day

Marlo MacKay on The Libvine,Fair Dealing Week 2019—Fair Dealing and Students

New Media Rights,Fair Use Week 2019: Fair Use is an Indispensible Part of Our Economy and Culture

The Odyssey Online,Fair Use: What it Is and Why it Needs Protecting

Rebekah Modrak on Fair Use Week Tumblr,Miller Beer-Cam & Fair Use

UCI Intellectual Property, Arts, and Technology Clinic,IPAT Celebrates Fair Use Week

Other Resources:

Not released as a Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week resource, but Professor Matthew Sag has a new article,The New Legal Landscape for Text Mining and Machine Learning